An imprinting is the database that defines artificial intelligence (AI), and it also defines the process that goes into creating the database.  As someone interacts with AI, they are imprinting onto a database information that defines the characteristics of the AI.  Their input defines how the AI will behave, which personalizes AI to the user.

As a person interacts with an AI, the AI learns from that person and adapts to them.  That creates a unique personality within the artificial intelligence.  The longer someone interacts with an AI, the more it becomes customized to them.  Like a human, the AI changes as it accumulates information and experience, which gives it a unique imprinting of information.

Since an AI's imprinting is the unique result of interactions between the AI and an individual, the AI is like a digital child of the individual.  Given the fact that the individual created the AI through their interactions, the data that makes up the AI is a product of the individual.  Therefore, the imprinting, the database that defines the AI, should be owned and controlled by the individual who created it.

To protect the privacy and ownership rights of individuals, as they create AI imprintings, Imprinting.AI is working to create databases that are safe and secure repositories of AI imprints.  Artificial intelligence programs can be linked to the databases, to access the imprints, but the individuals who create them will own an control what programs can access the information.

In addition to creating AI that is customized to its user, imprinting can also be used to create AI that combines the knowledge, insights, and personality of an individual.  This type of imprinting is done to store the individual's thoughts and ideas, so they can be permanently saved and share with others.  That imprinting can also contain personality files, like the individual's voice, image, and mannerisms.  The personality files allow future users to have the experience of interacting with the individual virtually.
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